Fire Center Staff

LLoyd Queen

LLoyd Queen
Director & Professor

LLoyd teaches courses in Fire Measurements, Remote Sensing and Image Processing, and team-teaches the Prescribed Fire Practicuum.  He is active in the student Fire Club and past Advisor for the UM Woodsmen’s Team.  As Center Director he is responsible for development and implementation of NCLFA’s Annual and Five-Year Workplans, and works closely with UM Administration and our Agency Partners to ensure the Center’s viability on long time-scales.  During fire seasons he enjoys working with public land managers on fire planning, logistics and operations. He also enjoys fly fishing, alpine skiing, marlinspike seamanship and camping.

Carl Seielstad

Carl Seielstad

Fire and Fuels Program Manager & Associate Professor

Carl's research interests are in forest & range management in wildfire and prescribed fire settings. His research integrates innovative fuels inventory methods, fire monitoring, fire weather, and technology development and transfer. Current projects include measurement of fuel bed properties beneath close-canopies using laser altimetry, development of cost-effective, low power, ad hoc wireless weather sensor networks with fault tolerance, and exploration of new, real-time fire intelligence gathering/delivery capacity. His technical expertise is concentrated in the geospatial technologies of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Carl remains active in operational fire in an effort to link academic activities and fire management.

Eric Rowell

Eric Rowell

Image Programmer

Eric uses active remote sensing and simulations to generate useful information for fuels and fire behavior assessment and quantification.  He currently has collaborations with the United States Forest Service and National Park Service.

Jim Riddering

Jim Riddering

Remote Sensing Program Manager & Associate Research Professor

Responsible for technology development and remote communications projects. Primarily mobile computing and remote radio/camera systems. Involvement in Remote Sensing projects, graduate education, and serving as a committee member on the NWCG Fire Behavior Subcommitte as well as Co-Investigator on the Norther Rockies Fire Science Network. Jim also enjoys most any outdoor activity including - skiing, rafting, hiking, dual-sport motorcycling, photography and running around with my dog.

Jami Sindelar

jami sindelar

Business Practices Manager

Function as Grants & Agreement Specialist for Fire Center Principal Investigators; develop and maintains budgets, and provide budget projections; process all business and human resource related functions; provide assistance to the Fire Intelligence Module and Missoula Interagency Dispatch when needed. In addition to learning about fire, Jami enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and volunteering at local pet rescues and shelters.

Valentijn Hoff

Valentijn Hoff

GIS Analyst

Valentijn works with spatial data to answer questions that are relevant to fire managers and researchers.  He is currently working on a project in Grand Canyon National Park to look at the effects of fire severity on forest structure.  Valentijn is also the FireCenter training officer. He also enjoys hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and camping.

Tim Wallace

Remote Sensing Analyst

Works with LIDAR data from acquisition to final products and the follow-on analyses specific to each project and is available for fire assignments in many roles that can be operations, support, or research. Tim enjoys spending time with his family, brewing things, and being outside.

Christopher Moran

chris moran
Research Assistant & Ph.D. Student

Spatial analysis of LiDAR data for vegetation and fuel characterization and classification. He also assists in development of UAV research methods. Chris enjoys science, the outdoors, woodworking and reading.

Natasha Bartha

natasha bartha

Remote Sensing Analyst

Geospatial analyst in support of two projects M-Stennis Forest Heterogeneity for Wildfire and MREDI Drone Fire. Integrate existing spatial data for Lubrecht Experimental Forest, analyze LIDAR data, integrate remote sensing and GIS for fire modeling, provide GIS analysis and mapping support fire planning and documentation, and acquire and process drone imagery. Natasha ggraduated with a BS in Resource Conservation. Natasha also enjoys anything outside including but not limited to: hammocking, backpacking, running, mountain biking, hiking, and cross country skiing.

Erin Noonan-Wright

erin noonan-wright


Erin works with the Wildland Fire Management Research, Development and Application (WFM RDA) group, which is supported by both the U.S. Forest Service and Department of the Interior agencies.  Having supported more than 75 wildland fires since 2009, her focus is on assisting Agency Administrators and Fire Managers with decision and analytical support on wildland fires, in addition to training the management community on risk-informed decision making. In her spare time Erin enjoys being a mom, mountain biking, trail running, camping, cooking, gardening, cross country and downhill skiing.

Philip Williams

philip williams

Graduate Research Assistant

Philip is currently working as a researcher and project assistant at the FireCenter and the Autonomous Aerial Systems Office. He also designed and maintains the project website and Instagram profile. His work primarily deals with the implementation of drones as scientific instruments and usable fire management tools. Philip's hobbies and interests include hiking, biking, writing, and playing the piano.

Caitlin Soltesz

caitlin Soltesz

Integrated Media Specialist

Caitlin manages the web content, social media accounts, and media for the FireCenter. Caitlin is studying journalism at U of M, and also enjoys softball, swimming, water skiing, and photography.