Science and Technology Delivery

Delivering Relevant Science for Firefighters and Managers

The FireCenter is a unique combination of scientists, fire professionals, and technology practitioners converging to assess, develop, and deploy appropriate science, tools and technologies in wildland fire and natural resource management. The FireCenter approaches development of new science and technologies as partners of people and uses these partnerships to identify and act quickly on fire management needs. By facilitating science transfer from the academic to the applied realm, we ensure land managers in the United States are using the best available science and technology.  By partnering with scientists and managers we can provide people in the fire community with new ideas and tools to address the increasingly complex issues facing fire management today and tomorrow.

  • FireCenter increases firefighter and public safety through rapid and efficient deployment of fire intelligence technology
  • FireCenter creates practical applications and services that work and are used
  • FireCenter adds to the body of scientific knowledge that agency officials utilize to make sound, ecologically and socially beneficial land management decisions
  • FireCenter promotes efficiencies in fire management through appropriate technology development and transfer that enhance fire management capability, increase safety/situational awareness, and save money