Workforce Development

Training the Firefighter and Manager of Tomorrow

fire crew posing

Our Workforce Development program is designed to help students get quality and relevant work experience and obtain the skills and knowledge required of wildland fire professionals. The FireCenter created a Workforce Development Coordinator position in order to help with this. The Coordinator works with agencies and current wildfire managers and researchers to provide access to current research and technological applications and developments.

As part of the College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana, FireCenter staff members teach a variety of courses in the Forest Management department and support the College's new Wildland Fire Sciences and Management minor. We also work directly with both undergraduate and graduate students, through short-term research projects, independent studies, and supporting graduate-level research. Read more about our educational opportunities, including coursework and independent studies, our program for undergraduate research, and the Prescribed Fire Practicum, by choosing a topic in the sidebar to the right.