Fire Management Support

fire fighter in wwods

Fire management support at the FireCenter is divided into two primary branches, the Fire Intelligence Module and Single and Team Resource assignments.  The Fire Intelligence Module focus centers around the installation and deployment of wireless backbone, network, and surveillance of incidents.  Single and Team resources are placement of staff members with agency fire modules, providing technology transfer and enhancement, and incident management.

Fire Season 2013 Goals

For fire season 2013, our goals are outlined by functional area.

Fire Intelligence Module

FIM goals include improving and expanding networks in currently operating areas, including camera upgrades, conversion to wireless 4G networks with cellular coverage, and integration of networks between adjacent districts.  Additionally, several new National Forests have been identified for installation of networks and camera surveillance for summer 2013.  Internally, the FireCenter will continue to standardize production of intelligence products generated from the networks, quantify cost and savings from technology deployments, and document the return on investment from current technology deployments.

Single and Team Resource Assignments

FireCenter staff continue to work in a diversity of fire assignments throughout fire season 2013.  Staff have identified assignment priorities for 2013, including details as dispatchers, CTSP, Type 3 Logistics, IRIN, ICT3, Duty Officer, Fire Module details, FIM deployments, and engine details (Type 1, 3, and 4).