Fire Intelligence Module

mountian top research stationFIM deployment of wireless and surveillance technology for the Bridger Teton National Forest

The FireCenter’s Fire Module is comprised of a group of highly skilled individuals possessing a combination of wildland fire qualifications and technical expertise. All members have previous wildland fire experience, have passed the arduous work capacity test, and hold current red cards. The module is comprised of a module leader and 2-3 (or more) crewmembers depending on fire needs and staff availability. All Module members are proficient in GIS and/or Remote Sensing applications, and are able to perform various technical specialist duties. The Module is designed to provide fire managers with access to current research, technology, and technical expertise in an operational setting.

The primary mission of the Module is to develop robust information management strategies that support decision-making and scientific inquiry in the wildland fire environment. This includes the ability to:

  • Develop reliable communications infrastructure for wildland fire support
  • Provide geospatial and information technology services
  • Build technical capacity in the workforce
  • Promote scientific inquiry in the fire environment
  • Collaborate appropriately with land managers and scientists
  • Provide operational support to incidents

Requesting the Fire Intelligence Module

The Module is structured to be used at the interface of management and technology, and can therefore extend the capabilities of program managers by providing support for current incident needs as well as for continued post-fire engagement.

Contact the Module Coordinator directly for more information or to order the FIM for your incident:

Carl Seielstad

spatial analysis for large operational fire management
Providing spatial analyses for large operational fire management
fire fighter transferring relevant technologySingle resource assignments allow for enhancing skills and transferring relevant technology