Fire Center Staff

LLoyd Queen

LLoyd Queen
Director & Professor

LLoyd teaches courses in Fire Measurements, Remote Sensing and Image Processing, and team-teaches the Prescribed Fire Practicum.  He is active in the student Fire Club and past Advisor for the UM Woodsmen’s Team.  As Center Director he is responsible for development and implementation of NCLFA’s Annual and Five-Year Workplans, and works closely with UM Administration and Agency Partners to ensure the Center’s viability on long time-scales.  During fire seasons he enjoys working with public land managers on fire planning, logistics and operations. He also enjoys fly fishing, alpine skiing, marlinspike seamanship and camping.

Carl Seielstad

Carl Seielstad

Fire and Fuels Program Manager & Associate Professor

Carl's research interests are in forest & range management in wildfire and prescribed fire settings. His research integrates innovative fuels inventory methods, fire monitoring, fire weather, and technology development and transfer. Current projects include measurement of fuel bed properties beneath close-canopies using laser altimetry, development of cost-effective, low power, ad hoc wireless weather sensor networks with fault tolerance, and exploration of new, real-time fire intelligence gathering/delivery capacity. His technical expertise is concentrated in the geospatial technologies of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Carl remains active in operational fire in an effort to link academic activities and fire management.

Jami Sindelar

jami sindelar

Business Practices Manager

Jami's primary role is as Grants & Agreement Specialist for Fire Center Principal Investigators. She also carries a red card with qualifications that enable her to provide assistance to the Fire Intelligence Module and Missoula Interagency Dispatch when needed. In addition to learning about fire, Jami enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and volunteering at local pet rescues and shelters.

Valentijn Hoff

Valentijn Hoff

GIS Analyst

Valentijn is a GIS Analyst at the FireCenter. After fighting and lighting a lot of fires in the southeastern United States, he started a career in GIS at the government of Oconee County, in South Carolina. Since 2008 Valentijn has been helping wildland fire managers and researchers with data collection, spatial analysis, and database development. In the summer he works on wildfires across the country, on wildland fire modules, and as a single resource FOBS and FEMO. He is also a GIS specialist and serves as the Situation Unit Leader on the Northern Rockies Type 1 Incident Management Team 2.

Christopher Moran

chris moran
Post-Doc Researcher

Chris's research interests focus on spatial analysis of LiDAR data for vegetation and fuel characterization and classification. He also assists in development of UAV research methods. Chris enjoys science, the outdoors, woodworking and reading.

Dan Jimenez


Mechanical Engineer & Ph.D. student

Dan is a research engineer at the Missoula Fire Science Lab. Dan is a Montana State Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He serves as the fire behavior research representative on the National Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (NWCG), Fire Behavior Subcommittee. He also serves as the medical awareness representative on the Lab Safety Committee. Dan's research includes studies on heat transfer and fluid flow model development and validation used to predict incident heat, temperature, wind profiles, and fire effects on forest landscapes, vegetation, and soil types. In collaboration with scientists at the Fire Lab and elsewhere, he has worked on the development and delivery of computer software to support fire and fuels managers, including the soil heating component of FOFEM (First Order Fire Effects Model), FireStem (a physics-based tree mortality model), and WindWizard (a gridded wind profile model). In addition, he works with fellow Lab engineers and technicians to design, develop, and fabricate field instrumentation used for data collection on prescribed and wildland fires.

Matt Cunningham

M.S. Student and Remote Pilot

Matthew Cunningham earned a B.A. in Archaeological Anthropology from the University of Montana in May of 2013. Matthew has spend the past 11 years working for various Federal agencies in many aspects of the wildland fire community. He began an M.S. in Forestry degree with Carl Seielstad in the fall of 2017. Matthew's primary interest in the use of UAS platforms in fire is to lessen the risk involved with the various fire missions that are currently flown with manned aircraft.