Montana/Idaho Airshed Management System

airshed system on computer screen

The Montana/Idaho Airshed Management System (AMS), created by the FireCenter, helps the MT/ID Airshed Group to report and track prescribed fire activity across both Montana and Idaho. The AMS consists of a relational database, web site, and computer mapping (GIS) application. The Airshed Group’s members -- 30 burners representing federal, state, and local land management and private industrial timber -- use the system to propose burns to the Smoke Monitoring Unit (SMU) Coordinator and report on accomplishments via a web interface. The SMU Coordinator uses the web site and a GIS application to make burning recommendations and perform analyses of burn activity.  Through the AMS’s web application, Airshed Group members can enter and manage their preseason burn lists, propose burns to the SMU Coordinator, and report on burn accomplishments.  Airshed Group members can access their burn activity through a variety of reports, including lists of preseason, proposed, approved, and completed burns information and data. Reports can be generated in both html and Microsoft Excel formats.

map of completed prescribed burns in ontana and idaho 2004-2009
airshed frcc map