Fire Effects Information System

computer monitor with FEIS system on screen

The FireCenter finalized development of a spatially enabled database for the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS), which is hosted by the Rocky Mountain Research Station’s Fire Modeling Institute. Both producers and users of FEIS data benefit from this new system architecture, by providing both structure to the data input and flexibility in the way the data is queried.

FEIS summarizes and synthesizes research about the effects of fire on living organisms in North America.  The new architecture is based on a spatially enabled relational database management system.  The information in this database is accessed through the new web based user interface, which provides the opportunity for scientists, students, natural resource managers and others to search the database using keywords and by entering geographic queries via a Google maps interface.  A new data entry application has also been developed for FEIS staff. This interface consists of several data entry forms and utilizes lookup tables and dropdown menus to keep the data consistent throughout the system.